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With two decades of experience in the probiotic field, we draw on our extensive background to develop a broad range of services. We support our customers in analysing, screening and/or improving the properties of their products, in speeding up the development processes and improving quality controls.

What Can We Help With?


Pre- and Probiotic Analytical Services

Analytical Services

Discover the broadest range of probiotic specific assays dedicated to support customers in analysing, screening and/or improving the properties of their products.

General Probiotic Properties

Taxonomy and Strain Characterization

•Taxonomy analysis including biochemical, MALDI-TOF, RAPD profile etc.

•Characterization (antibiotics resistance, virulence factors, presence of plasmids etc.)     

Basic Probiotic Properties

•Resistance to simulated gastric and gut conditions

•Binding to cells (intestinal cells, skin cells etc.) 

•Binding to extracellular matrix

•Quantification of cells and

viable cells



•Analysis of the ability of probiotics to produce compounds directly killing or preventing the growth of the pathogens and the ability to growth at the expense of the pathogen

Anti-Infection Properties

Bacterial Exclusion


•Probiotic may avoid bacterial infections by avoiding the binding of pathogens to host cells.

•We analyse, screen and optimize the bacterial exclusion properties of probiotics

Viral Exclusion


•Probiotics may inhibit viral infections by avoiding the binding of the virus to host cells.

•We analyze, screen and optimize the virus exclusion properties and the virus binding properties of probiotics.

Toxin Exclusion


•Pathogens may produce toxins. Probiotics may inhibit infections by avoiding the binding of such toxins to host cells.

•We analyse, screen and optimize the toxin exclusion  properties of probiotics


Immunomodulatory Properties

Gut Barrier 


•Destabilization of the gut barrier is involved in many clinical conditions including infections, cancer, obesity, diabetes etc.

•We analyse, screen and optimize the gut barrier promoting properties of products.

Immunomodulatory Properties

•Probiotics can modulate the immune response via the local production of immune factors.

•We analyze the ability of probiotics or products to modulate the immune system.

In vitro Microbiome Analysis 

•Dysbiosis of the gut microbiota is at the origin of many intestinal and extra-intestinal disorders.

•We analysis the effect of probiotics on human microbiome  by means of NGS, real Time PCR or Agar Count.

Customized Assay

Customized Assays

  • To support and speed up our client's development process, we develop customized assays (cell culture assays, ELISA assays, screening assays etc.)

  • We further ensure the transfer and integration of these methods in the customer’s development process or in the quality control process.


Fermentation and Production Processes

  • Screening of strains for optimal fermentation or production process

  • Development of customized fermentation process for aerobic and anaerobic strains

  • Medium optimization: to increase yield, to improve functional properties, for regulatory purposes

  • Development of quality control assays (i.e. taxonomy, contaminations, strain properties like epitopes, polysaccharide expression, etc.)

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