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Example Alzheimer:
Does my product has a potential effect on Alzheimer disease?

Putting the cursor on the dots and some buttons will provide supplementary informations.

Analysis we may run

Pathogen growth.png
Pathogen Binding.png
Intestinal Barrier.png
Gesamt Flowchart 3.png
Tryptophan poducers.png
Effect of Amlyoid on immune system.png
Effect LPS on imune System.png
LPS enter in Brain.png
Amyloid enter in Brain.png
5HT in brain.png
Acvetrylcholine in brain.png
OMV in brain.png
Effect of LPS in Brain.png
Effect of Amyloid in Brain.png
Gaba producers.png
Dopamine producers.png
Amyloid producers.png
Effect SCFAs auf Healthy Epithel.png
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