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Microbial carbohydrates are:

  • main components of the surface of microorganisms

  • oriented to the environment

  • offer an almost unlimited diversity of structures

  • can be released into the environment

Consequently, microorganisms are strongly relying on carbohydrates and carbohydrate binding structures for specific regulation of their environment and of the microbiome host axis.

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Microbial carbohydrates are essential for many processes including:

  • binding to cell receptors

  • binding to extracellular matrix

  • binding of soluble substances

  • binding to other microorganisms

  • Activation/Repression of Immune system

  • Anti-microbial function

  • Cross feeding function

  • Signal transduction etc.

Take Advantage Of Microbial Carbohydrates For The Development Of Innovative Probiotics

What Can Help You With

You can rely on our 20 years of experience in the field of microbial carbohydrate and microbiome applications.

We analysed yet more than 10.000 strains for carbohydrate related properties.


With our MicroSIS-Platform we can screen the microbiome for microorganisms expressing specific carbohydrate structures.

Microbial Carbohydrate For Next Generation Probiotics

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Specific Anti-Infection Properties




Bacterial strains which naturally express a carbohydrate structure mimicking receptor for a pathogen, a virus or a toxin can specifically displaces the pathogen, virus or toxin and potentially avoid the related disease.

Example: Binding and neutralizing the cholera toxin. Toutounian et. al. Human Microbiome Journal, Volume 18, December 2020

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Specific Immune Modulation

Bacterial strains naturally expressing or secreting specific carbohydrate structures (antigen or immune stimulatory) can stimulate the immune system.

Example: Microbial carbohydrate antigen inducing an anti-cancer immune response. Ulsemer et. al. Beneficial Microbes. 2016 Sep;7(4):485-500.

Immune Mod

Specific Promotion Or Inhibition Of Growth

Bacterial strains naturally expressing or secreting specific carbohydrate structures can promote or inhibit the growth of other species.

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