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Opportunities For Pre- and Probiotica Companies

Screen, identify and understand

the effect of products and strains on the microbiome

Pre- and probiotics aim to improve the composition and the functions of the microbiome.

  • Use our unique all in one in vitro human gut microbiome platform

    • for fast, specific and reliable screening of candidates with positive effect on the composition and the functions of the human microbiome.

    • to get a deep understanding of the effect of your product(s) on the human gut microbiome and get valuable insights into human health.

Analytic and bioinformatic latform

Standard cultivation of
HUMAN microbiome

96 Well_edited.png

Selected microbiome

Candidate 1

Candidate 2

Candidate 3 ...

All samples are characterized (qPCR)

The combination of an in-house Human Gut Microbiome Sample Bank, a standardized in vitro Human Gut Microbiome Cultivation System and our Multi-Omic and Functional Platform provides a unique all in one solution to discover, screen and understand the potential of your products.

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