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In Vitro Human Gut Microbiome Analysis Platform

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All samples are characterized (qPCR)

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Standard cultivation of HUMAN microbiome

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Selected microbiome

Candidate 1

Candidate 2

Candidate 3 ...

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Analytic and bioinformatic platform

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Our Platform allows to rapidly and comprehensively assess the effect of compounds (e.g. drugs, supplements, foods) on the human microbiome.

By combining an in-house Human Gut Microbiome Sample Bank, a standardized in vitro Human Gut Microbiome Cultivation System and our Multi-Omic and Functional Platform we provides a unique all in one solution to Discover, Screen and Understand your product’s impact on the human gut microbiome and/or the impact of the gut microbiome on your product, drug or foods. 

Application examples:

  • Screening for products positively impacting at least one of 5 relevant next generation probiotics (Akkermansia muciniphila, Ruminococcus bromii, Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, Anaerobutyricum hallii, and Roseburia intestinalis) in the context of the human gut microbiome.

  • Screening for products with potential Alzheimer preventive properties. Effect of the tested products on the human gut microbiome composition and its metabolite activities (see an example)

  • Analysis of the potential toxicity effect of products derived from the metabolization of phytopharmaceuticals by the micorbiome.

Anker Microbiome sampig

Our Human Gut Microbiome Bank

1. Donors

2. Samples are accompanied with key information on
health status and habits

3. Sample‘s collection process ensures high quality and viability of samples.

4. Samples precessing and storage ensures long
stability and viability

5. Samples are characterized

(qPCR for main species)

6. Microbiome Collection available for custormers

  • All microbiome samples are sampled, transported and processed by ensuring high viability of the microorganisms. 

  • Customers can choose between samples based on the donor‘s basic data, the donor‘s general health status and diet habits as well as based on the qPCR characterization of each sample.

  • Each samples gives up to 30 to 50 cryovials and each cryovials allows to run 250 single analysis. This allows customers to run a whole study on a single sample or to come back to a sample that provided interesting results.

  • Customers may choose

    • to use single microbiome samples

    • to pool several microbiome samples

    • to provide their own microbiome samples

    • to go for specific microbiome samples that we may collect on demand.

Our samples are anonymized from the beginning to ensure anonymity of the donors.   

Cultivation Procss

Our Cultivation System

Our in-vitro culture conditions ensure a stable population over the cultivation time. Our system allows a fast and parallel analysis of your product(s) on the HUMAN microbiome.


The Multi-Omic and Functional Analysis Platform

Our Microbiome Specific Multi-Omic & Functional Platform allows to modulate the output of the study depending on the specific needs of our clients.

Beside providing access to all aspects of microbial composition and functional predictions our Platform further offers metabolite and immune analyses allowing to bypass the unknown between taxonomic composition and physiologic effects.

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